Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Playing card faces

I designed these playing card faces for a game on Ipad.

Garshasp II

A few Garshasp II Video Game concepts

Dragon's Lair

I did this piece for the "Dragon's Lair" illustration challenge. Legendary "John Howe" was the jury. my works took place in the best 3 section. for more information visit:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Garshasp's not dead!!

"Garshasp's not dead"! After we puased Garshasp 2 Video Game project due to some problems, as far as I liked the theme and lived a life with this character,it was too hard for me not finishing the project! The story was great and I made A LOT of character and environment concepts. A little bit sad... But hope one day we start it over again!
I made him in a different style and look in this image.


New environments and sketches

Just 3 environment studies after I changed my whole brush settings in PS. I used to turn the "opacity jitter" ON for all my brushes. After watching some of Feng Zhu's great tutorials,I found out the results will be better and not muddy for colors if you turn OFF the opacity jitter and let yourself control the brushes opacity!

Having fun with ArtRage

After awhile I just installed ArtRage and made some sketches! The software is brilliant although it's not gonna take Photoshop's place but definitely good for some speed paintings and rough sketches...