Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade Video Game is the newest product from our studio Dead Mage.The game is released and selected as the main feature and Editor's Choice on AppStore.
You can find it on AppStore here:
This is a wonderful achievement for the game and us as well! I did the Art Directing and concepts for this game,
Here are some sketches and concepts for Shadow Blade game:


Behnam Safuri said...
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Behnam Safuri said...

i realy like your style and congratulations to you and your team work.

Aminoor said...

congratulation ,

bazi vaghan aali shode , va mitonam begam ke vaghan yek team kheili khob hastid ,benazaram CONTROL bazi 100% behine va ghabele pishbini nist vali yeki ke sai karde bashe ye bazie khosh sakht besaze midone ke cheghadr sakhtane bazi be in tamizi va polish shode sakhte . vaghan ye kare mature va khobe, az tajrbiateton rajebe kar ham betonid jahai bezarid va linkesham bedid kheli khob mishe to facebook donbaleton mikonim.